Rep. Jason Chaffetz Probes … Sid the Science Kid?


Rep. Jason Chaffetz never met a probe he didn’t like.

He’s conducted extensive probes into the Obama administration, the Office of Government Ethics, and Hillary Clinton. He once held a committee in five days of emergency hearings to probe Clinton’s emails and issue 12 subpoenas.

Yet none have posed a greater threat to American public than …

Sid the Science Kid.

The chairman of the House Oversight Committee— the main investigative committee in the House — sent a letter to the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Rep.  Chaffetz demanded to know why–in written format– the “CDC appears poised to make a sole source award to the Jim Henson Company for $806,000 to feature Sid the Science Kid in an educational program about the virus.”




Now Sid specializes in asking tough questions like: Why do bananas get brown spots?

Sid does not specialize in questions like: Did Michael Flynn discuss U.S. sanctions against Russia with the Russian ambassador before the inauguration? What’s the proper procedure to follow when you receive news that North Korea just launched a Pukguksong-2, an intermediate-range missile under leader Kim Jong Un? Or even what’s the difference between a fact an alternative fact?

Sid specializes in science, not polyscience.

People are livid.

But not about Sid.

Their indignation comes at Chaffetz when he held a town hall style meeting and participants demanded answers to the Obamacare repeal, education and more.

Utahans yelled at Rep. Jason Chaffetz, chairman of the House Oversight Committee, at the Republican’s meeting.

They chanted: “Do your job.”

They booed.

They jeered.

A crowd assembled outside the Brighton High School auditorium in Cottonwood Heights, Utah chanting, “Let us in.”

One participant stood up and said, “I’m a retired teacher. I taught for 35 years in Salt Lake and I rarely had a discipline problem because I laid out my expectations clearly and I laid out the consequences. But once in a while, at the beginning of the year, after just two or three weeks, I could look at a kid and think, ‘You’re going to be a problem.’ It’s been two or three weeks.”

The crowd erupted.

“What I’d do at the beginning of the year is I’d say … here’s the line. Pass this line and there’s going to be a consequence. Mr. President, the consequence is impeachment,” the same protestor said.

The participant then asked Rep. Chaffetz, “What is your line in the sand?”

Thus far, here are the lines that have been established:

  • Probe the Office of Government Ethics for questioning the Trump administration’s conflicts of interest
  • Investigate Clinton’s use of a private email server because it is a threat to national security
  • Ignore President Trump’s response North Korea’s latest missile test from the main dining area of his Mar-a-Lago Club which ended up on social media
  • Ignore Kellyanne Conway encouraging the American people to buy from Ivanka Trump, on live television when it is against the law

But Sid.

He’s in deep trouble.

Chaffetz can investigate “any matter” at “any time.”

Source:  While Trump scandals mount, Chaffetz decides to investigate… a cartoon character