A NY Times Report Shows Just How Deep the Conspiracy Was

Vice President Mike Pence

According to a New York Times report, Vice President Mike Pence collaborated with Trump on FBI Director James Comey’s firing in ‘near secrecy.’ Sources told the Times that Pence’s involvement in the affair was kept a secret to shield him from any negative consequences if Trump is impeached or resigns.

Pence Could Face Impeachment

This means that It was not only the president that worked on a plan to slow down an investigation into Trump camp’s alleged collusion with Russia during the elections; the vice president was a co-author too.

Pence could now face impeachment over at least one offense if a criminal case is ever established. David Axelrod, who worked as a senior adviser to President Barack Obama, told the Times that working near Trump is now the “most hazardous duty in Washington.”

Axelrod noted that being a Trump surrogate is a very painful job as Trump has a propensity of contradicting the remarks of his aides. For instance, the White House tried to place the blame for Comey’s firing on Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein, but Trump undercut that statement Thursday, saying that it was his decision to fire Comey.

Spicer Could Be Out

People briefed on the matter claim Trump plans to fire his spokesman Sean Spicer, who has been missing from the White House during the scandal involving Comey. Spicer is one of his aides who has struggled to make Trump’s inaccuracies more coherent during his stay at the White House.

Last week, Trump himself acknowledged that his aides cannot be 100% accurate since he is a very busy president.

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