Cleaning Out My Closet: Third Senator Withdraws Support

Senator Ron Johnson

The GOP’s plan to dismantle Obama’s Affordable Care Act is on the verge of destruction, with two more GOP lawmakers openly opposing the bill, and a third Senator now threatening to block the vote.

Third Senator Comes Out Against GOP Repeal Plan

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) recently told his colleagues that he is no longer supporting the Senate bill. The change of mind was caused by reports that the Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell was holding closed-doors meetings with moderate Republicans, promising them that Trump and a GOP-controlled Congress won’t allow the controversial Medicaid cuts to become a reality.

Moderate Senators confirmed to the disgruntled lawmaker the media reports about McConnell. Moments after that, he announced he withdrew his support of the bill. Johnson later told reporters that he had been “strongly in favor” of the new plan before he was briefed on what McConnell told his colleagues.

The GOP leader reportedly told moderates in Senate that they should not be worried about the cuts because they would “never happen” since they are “so far in the future.” Participants to the meeting confirmed to Johnson that these were McConnell’s own words.

Johnson Blasts McConnell for ‘Breach of Trust’

The Senator thinks that McConnell’s attitude puts in jeopardy the upcoming vote. McConnell recently did not dismiss the accusations, but added that Medicaid a long-term reform in the new plan would be a “sustainable” Medicaid with a “responsible growth rate.” He added that this is why the policy appeared in every draft of the new bill.

Johnson, however, accuses McConnell of double speak, which he sees as a serious “breach of trust” and a deal breaker. He is also displeased with the current form of the bill. He told reporters that this is not the bill he had envisioned, “not by a long shot.” The lawmaker wants the Medicaid expansion to be rolled back sooner than the leadership projects.
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