Republicans On the Intel Committee Subpoena List Shows Why They Can’t Be Trusted


The investigations in Russia’s interference with the 2016 elections in the House is turning into a shame! House Republicans in the House Intelligence Committee issued seven subpoenas. Four of the subpoenas have been issued examining Russian collusion, and three subpoenas are, according to the Wall Street Journal, tied to questions surrounding Obama officials.

The leading agencies being subpoenaed are the NSA, the FBI, and the CIA. Each agency is under scrutiny for unmasking information that should have remained hidden. The agencies will be required to release information including requests from former NSA adviser Susan Rice and former CIA Director John Brennan. According to the Wall Street Journal(WSJ), the two individuals didn’t receive subpoenas and had both avoided any statements.

When names of Americans are found in these types of instances, they are supposed to be redacted in all documents, including those within the government. While unmasking of names isn’t entirely uncommon, Republicans want to know if the unmaskings, which seem pointless, were used to sway the elections.

The House Intelligence Committee and Senate Intelligence Committee are both pursuing their investigations into the Russia research which is connected to four subpoenas. The Senate Intelligence Committee has already given subpoenas to national security adviser Mike Flynn and his connected companies. The subpoenas are only going to release more needed information surrounding these issues.

The House panel also reached out to a former White House press aide named Boris Epshteyn. Epshteyn was asked to release info to the committee voluntarily. Epshteyn’s attorney replied with the following:

“Like many others, Mr. Epshteyn has received a broad, preliminary request for information from the House Intelligence Committee. This is a voluntary request. Mr. Epshteyn has not been subpoenaed nor do we anticipate that he will be. We have reached out to the committee with several follow-up questions, and we are awaiting their response in order to better understand what information they are seeking and whether Mr. Epshteyn is able to reasonably provide it.”

Credit: Wall Street Journal