RNC Spring Fling Shows Signs of Buyers Remorse


At this spring’s Republican National Committee’s gathering in Coronado, California, several Republicans voiced concerns over the prospect of Trump being impeached before next year’s midterms. The fear runs deep within the GOP, especially after FBI Director James Comey’s shocking firing.

GOPers in Full Panic Mode

According to Politico, both congressional GOP leaders and White House members are concerned GOP lawmakers from Georgia and Montana could lose their seats during special elections ahead of the 2018 midterms.

A former counsel to Newt Gingrich, Randy Evans, underlined the president’s policies and actions have made Republicans increasingly nervous about their prospects. Evans noted that because Trump is a “non-politician,” he is running the country in a highly unpredictable way which drives both parties “bonkers.” Evans thinks Trump has created a political environment in which pollsters and pundits are useless.

Anybody that tells you they have a feel for what’s going to happen next year is just delusional,

Evans told reporters.

Voters Disgruntled with Trump

According to the RNC’s email exchanges, Republicans are very concerned about Trump’s impeachment. Some GOP politicians even canceled town hall meetings over their voter’s dissatisfaction with Trump’s performance.

John Rogers who chairs the National Republican Congressional Committee said the incumbents in states where Clinton won last year face a higher risk than incumbents in states won by Trump.

Another Republican, Mayor of San Diego Kevin Faulkner thinks the party needs to get in touch with voters that they alienated if they wish to win the midterms. According to Faulkner, the best approach is to bring Democrats, Independents, and Republicans together.

In other words, catering to the one percent’s interests is a failing strategy in the long run. The GOP has alienated a lot of groups including blacks, the poor, and women, so there’s a lot of work to do to bring these people back together.
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