Republicans Voice the Sound of Silence on Trump

Donald Trump campaigning in Phoenix, AZ.

This week, Trump made it quite clear that he is a supporter of the Confederacy and its symbols. In a recent tweet-storm, he praised Confederate statues for their “beauty” and historical and cultural value. He added that the monuments that will be taken down would be “greatly missed.”

Most Republicans Remain Silent

Unlike Trump, many Republicans condemned the Charlottesville violent riots and the Neo-Nazis and the KKK. Some GOPers even slammed Trump for remaining silent on these racist groups. House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell were the first to denounce any form of intolerance and racism on the U.S. soil.

However, the rest of the GOP remained silent on Trump’s controversial comments and lack of leadership. Instead, they cited tolerance to hide their unwillingness to start a feud with Trump and said they remain committed to his agenda and goals.

These Republicans fled for cover when they were asked to defend the Commander in Chief on national television. Most cable news networks had problems with reaching out to them or getting a comment from them. Many GOP lawmakers refused to appear on TV to defend their president.

MSNBC’s Chuck Todd said the network had asked “every single Republican Senator” and a dozen House Republicans to appear before cameras and discuss Trump’s comments, but they refused.

Not Even Fox News Could Get Them Speaking

CNN”s Wolf Blitzer noted that all Republicans he had reached out to declined the invitation. He noted that the invitation is still open.

Fox News’ Shepard Smith said the new network contacted “Republicans of all stripes across the country,” but not a single one of them agreed to appear on the show.

Let’s be honest. Republicans don’t mind coming on Fox News channel,

Smith said.

However, no Republican could come on Fox and defend Trump this time.
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