Republicans Tried to Troll With Mariachi Band


A Republican committee hired a Mariachi band to troll a Democratic senator on “hypocritical” past stances outsourcing jobs to Mexico. Sen. Joe Donnelly’s (D-IN) once said that “outsourcing jobs” is a “fancy” way of saying that someone in Indiana has just lost their job.

Senator’s Family Business USing Cheap Mexican Labor

Donnelly’s family business uses Mexican labor to manufacture dye for ink pads, despite the senator’s criticism of free-trade policies that are killing American manufacturing.

So, the National Republican Senatorial Committee sensed the urge of underlining the hypocrisy of the situation by bringing a band of Mariachi outside the senator’s campaign headquarters and planting banners with the hashtag “Mexico Joe”.

Republicans said that the music band was a ‘special gift’ to the senator.

Last year, Donnelly harshly criticized Carrier Corp. after the company announced plans to ship jobs to Mexico. In June, the AP found that his family runs a manufacturing factory in Mexico. The RNC thinks that the plant and the senator’s criticism of outsourcing manufacturing jobs can only be labeled as “hypocrisy”. Well, maybe you should also take a look in the mirror since you guys just hired a Mexican Mariachi band. You just hired Mexicans to basically protest another guy hiring Mexicans.

The RNC Reaches Out to Latinos

The NRSC’s latest move may be part of a larger plan to court more voters. In 2012, after it lost the presidential election, the RNC told its members that the party should campaign more among blacks, Asian, Hispanics, and gays to prove that they “care” about those groups too. They can try and troll all they want, but we’re still better at it.

In 2015, Donald Trump parted ways with that line of thought when he called illegal immigrants “rapists’ and criminals that ferry drugs and crime into the country. However, the RNC hasn’t put a stop to its efforts to court Latinos, despite Trump’s inflammatory campaign rhetoric. Looks like they’re turning against him!

Image Source: Screengrab