Republicans Warn Trump: Firing Mueller Would Be The End Of Your Presidency


On Saturday, President Trump’s lead attorney, John Dowd, suggested that the investigation being conducted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller needed to be shut down, remarking:

“I pray that Acting Attorney General Rosenstein will follow the brilliant and courageous example of the FBI Office of Professional Responsibility and Attorney General Jeff Sessions and bring an end to alleged Russia collusion investigation manufactured by [Deputy FBI Director Andrew] McCabe’s boss James Comey based upon a fraudulent and corrupt dossier.”

Trump has also been hinting that he might be thinking of trying to end the probe, sending out several tweets about the matter, including this one Saturday evening:

But some Republican members of the U.S. Senate warned the president on Sunday that if he makes any moves to get rid of Mueller, he will be committing political suicide.

Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ) said on CNN’s State of the Union:

“I don’t know what the designs are on Mueller, but it seems to be building toward that, and I just hope it doesn’t go there, because it can’t. We can’t in Congress accept that.

“So I would expect to see considerable pushback in the next couple of days urging the president not to go there. He can’t go there.”

Flake’s comments were echoed by South Carolina GOP Senator Lindsey Graham, who commented:

“The only reason Mr. Mueller could ever be dismissed is for cause. I see no cause when it comes to Mr. Mueller. I pledge to the American people as a Republican, to ensure that Mr. Mueller can continue to do his job without any interference.

“As I have said before, if [President Trump] tried to do that, that would be the beginning of the end of his presidency, because we’re a rule of law nation.”

And Independent Senator Angus King of Maine also warned that Trump shouldn’t get any ideas of ending the ongoing investigation into the 2016 election:

“This is a serious investigation, and if the president tries to terminate it prematurely, I think it will be a true constitutional crisis.”

The problem, however, is that Donald Trump appears to think he’s above the law. Nearly every action he’s taken since assuming office reinforces that notion. Will he try to rid himself of Mueller and end the matter? If so, it could well cause the most dire crisis in the history of this country.

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