Rick Wilson Humiliates Mike Pence For Kissing Trump’s A**


GOP strategist Rick Wilson mocked Vice-President Mike Pence on Friday morning for repeatedly kissing up to President Donald Trump.

Wilson joined CNN host Alisyn Camerota and Marc Lotter, Pence’s former press secretary for a of discussion conservative columnist George Will’s latest Washington Post piece in which he slammed Pence’s “toadyism” and called him “America’s most repulsive public figure.”

Lotter, of course, defended Pence and criticized Will, claiming that Pence and Trump are pursuing conservative policies that are “working.”

Wilson couldn’t disagree more, slamming Trump and Pence for increasing the deficit, expanding government power, and spending recklessly.

And then he humiliated Pence for heaping praise on Trump:

“Mike Pence has taken on the role of being the Number One Trump cheerleader, and I understand that. I think he recognizes there’s a fragility about the president’s mental state and about the legal status of this president and he sees there’s a nonzero possibility that he could end up being in that chair one day because of Donald Trump’s mistakes. So I get that Mike Pence is trying to skate up that middle line of kissing the president’s backside on the one hand and still talk conservative on the other…Republicans have decided their principles that they advocated for decades don’t matter but making Donald Trump happy does.”

Camerota then played a montage of clips of Pence lavishing praise on Trump, particularly focusing on referring to Trump’s “broad shoulders.”

Lotter defended Pence’s praise of Trump, but Wilson was not impressed.

“Listen, as the noted political philosopher Beyonce once said, he ought to just put a ring on it at this point,” he said. “It’s like everything but, ‘Mr. President, can I give you a foot massage?’ It’s so over the top.”

“This is obviously a play to Trump’s ego,” Wilson concluded, adding that “it’s a very delicate, brittle little ego.”

Here’s the video via YouTube.

Mike Pence has taken a lot of criticism this week because of the interviews he’s done, most of which have to do with praising Trump. Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) even went so far as to call Pence a “sycophant” because the vice-president seems to go out of his way to kiss Trump’s ass.

And let’s face it, former Vice-President Joe Biden never praised former President Obama by complimenting his shoulders. If he had, conservative media outlets would be having a field day over it.

Featured Image: YouTube screenshot



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