Right-Wing Media Is Ecstatic Over White House Petition

Anti-AnitFa Petition

Many right-wing pundits are encouraging their viewers to sign a White House petition that demands the far-left group, Antifa, be labeled as ‘terrorist.’ The petition has accrued more than 200,000 signatures in less than a week.

Right-Wingers Bothered by Antifa

With the last week being the worst since Trump was inaugurated, his supporters penned a petition to boost his spirits. They want the group of far-left protesters, Antifa, to be designated as a terrorist group. Didn’t know protecting people and being tolerant of all religions and races was labeled as terrorism. The petition alleges that the organization deserves the description because they use violence and intimidation to reach their political goals, which is the very definition of a terrorist group, such as ISIS. Except they forgot to mention the right-wing was the one who incited the violence first.

Right wingers accuse Antifa of violent actions across many municipalities and place the blame on the group for the murder of several police officers throughout the U.S. The petition urges the Pentagon to call Antifa a terror group just like it did with ISIS for the sake of safety, integrity, morality, and principle.

Antifa activists have been very active in recent months during right-wing rallies. They are protesting against the KKK and Neo-Nazis. They are often armed, but there’s no consistent evidence that they used violence or influenced people to get aggressive toward the police.

On the other hand, it was a Neo-Nazi that killed a far-left protester using a moving vehicle last week in Virginia, not the Antifa. And there isn’t a petition to designate Neo-Nazi groups as terrorist groups on the White House website yet.

Right-Wing Media Is Ecstatic

Nevertheless, the right-wing media is thrilled with the petition, which now has around 220,000 signatures. A White House petition needs 100,000 signatures to receive an official response from the President’s office.

Infowars, Breitbart News, The Blaze, RT, Fox News, and the Daily Caller are all super enthusiastic about the petition. Of course, they would be…they’re Nazi supporters. They brag about the sheer number of signatures and the short time it took to hit the milestone. However, they forgot that the most signed petition on the website was a call for Trump to release his tax returns, with 1.1 million signatures. And has that happened? Nope.
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