Code Blue, Code Blue: Right-Wingers Are Panicking over Leftists’ ‘Secret Agenda’ to Disarm Them

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Right-wingers are panicking as they believe the secret agenda of a Women’s March outside the NRA headquarters is to disarm them. According to a Breitbart article published in response to the protest, protesters shouldn’t have protected themselves with heavily armed security guards.

Breitbart in Full Panic Mode

Breitbart blatantly misrepresented the true purpose of the march, saying that the activists’ slogan “Real Men Don’t Need Guns” is a code of the left for disarming gun owners by “high-profile liberals” whose lives and properties are protected by “layers of armed security.”

Women’s March’s leaders said that they don’t plan to disarm their fellow Americans or violate the Second Amendment. They want to raise awareness on gun violence. One of the leaders, Erika Soto Lamb, said she experienced firsthand the violent tendencies of pro-NRA groups.

In 2014, she tweeted a response to right-wingers’ similar accusations that their protest hired armed security guards.

Just goes to show that the people at Breitbart have never experienced true gun violence or lost a loved one due to someone illegally owning a gun and using it for evil.

A Liberal Campaign to Disarm America

However, that didn’t stop Breitbart from likening the protest to a door-to-door campaign to disarm them. So, liberal Jehovah Witnesses? Yes, we would like to speak to you about our lord and savior Obama. And not even the organizers’ repeated claims that the protests’ intent is not to stop gun ownership didn’t impress Breitbart and their fans either.

Organizers highlighted that unless you are mentally unstable, a felon, or a blacklisted buyer, it is perfectly fine to own a firearm.

Nevertheless, it is not the first time Breitbart criticizes liberals’ right to free speech. The conservative news site thinks that progressive liberals are covertly working to build an elitist class system. In other words, the country’s elites arm themselves, while “the common man” is stripped of his gun rights, Breitbart claims. So we’re all super-rich people who are going to own a gun anyway. Common sense Breitbart, you could use some.

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