GOP Tries to Make Hillary the Healthcare Scapegoat; Her Response Is Perfect

Hillary Clinton

The GOP is trying hard to convince America that repealing a healthcare bill which will leave 23 million people without health insurance to offset some massive tax cuts for the super-rich is a good thing.

GOP Attacks Hillary Clinton

Their mission has been seen as impossible as not even those in their ranks can be persuaded to vote on the repeal bill. In a desperate attempt, Republicans are trying to make Hillary Clinton the scapegoat for their failure to come with a viable plan to replace Obamacare.

On Wednesday, the RNC’s Twitter account taunted Clinton asking her to show her plan. Republicans were hinting at the fact that she pledged to come with a healthcare reform plan that would make medical care more affordable.

Their sad tweet somehow backfired, as the woman who secured the national popular vote by a huge margin is not easily intimidated. The RNC Twitter account pointed the finger at other prominent Democrats before lashing out at Clinton. They accused Sens. Joe Manchin, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and even former President Bill Clinton for their incompetence.

Clinton’s Response

Hours later, Clinton’s tweet silenced all her critics:

The tweet includes a link to her 2016 campaign platform which promises universal healthcare coverage for All Americans.

What can we say? Apply cold water to that burn. Also, it is worth noting the GOP’s sad tweet got around 1,100 shares, while Clinton’s got 64,000.

Clinton’s plan for healthcare is the opposite of everything the Tea Party is now trying to achieve. Clinton wanted to shrink patients’ out-of-pocket costs, lower the numbers of the uninsured, beef up Medicaid, give access to healthcare to rural voters, and preserve Obamacare.
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