Ronald Reagan’s Son Tries to Defend O’Reilly Instantly Backfires In His Face.


Republicans are exceptionally good at sticking their feet squarely into their mouths when it comes to defending sexual predators.

Michael Reagan, son of conservative super hero Ronald Reagan, tweeted out this morning an utterly disguisting and idiotic message in an attempt to defend sexual predator Bill O’Reilly.  All of this came about after the recent following of O’Reilly by Fox News on Wednesday.


Reagan was referring to O’Reilly’s catcalling of Fox News temp worker Perquita Burgess as “hot chocolate”.  Apparently, there was also a great deal of “grunting and leering.”

The last we checked, any unwanted sexual advances in the workplace are considered harrassment.  Women deserve the right to work without being targets of unwanted sexual remarks or objectification of their bodies.  O’Reilly appeared to be the king of this during his tenure at Fox, with several other women claiming that he used nicknames to reference them.  This seemed to fly over the head of Reagan who was staunch in his defense.

Why is it that conservatives who stress “family values” and “personal responsibility” still go out of their way to defend those who lack self control.  It’s almost as if they are willing to look the other way when accusations of sexual assault taints one of their own members.

As always members of twitter quickly picked up the issue:



Hopefully Reagan can learn a thing or two about sexual restraint.  At least he might now learn when to shut his mouth.

H/T Occupy