Roy Moore Sues in an Attempt to Stop Alabama Election Certification


The special election in Alabama took place over two weeks ago. Roy Moore, an openly racist, homophobic, and Islamophobic former judge and an accused child molester, has yet to concede despite losing the vote to Democratic candidate Doug Jones.

Moore was the first Republican to lose the Senate race in Alabama in over 25 years. His loss was largely attributed to the staggering number of black voters who rejected Moore’s bigotry in favor of Jones. The moment marked a huge Democratic victory in a deeply red state and made clear that antagonistic candidates like Trump and Moore will no longer be tolerated.

According to The New York Times, Moore filed a complaint an Alabama circuit court on Thursday to block state officials from certifying the people’s choice not to elect him. He claims his loss was caused by “systemic voter fraud.”

Or, you know – maybe Roy Moore lives in a fantasy world and is proving all over again that he’s not fit to hold public office.

Moore’s lawyers wrote that he would “suffer irreparable harm” and be “denied his full right as a candidate to a fair election.” The Alabama secretary of state John H. Merrill has repeatedly dismissed complaints from both Democratic and Republican candidates over election fraud, noting that the election showed no “irregularities or inconsistencies that are outside the norm.”

Merrill has said that he does not intend to postpone the election certification, which is scheduled to be completed during a 1 p.m. meeting at the Alabama state capitol on Thursday. Whether Moore’s attempt to sabotage a perfectly fair election will be successful is yet to be determined, although filing a lawsuit to block the results 2.5 hours before the decision is sure to stir the pot.

And stirring the pot is all Roy Moore seems to know how to do. Good riddance, and let’s all hope to welcome Doug Jones to the Senate!


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