Trump Rival Rubio Helping in Latin America Matters

Congressman Marco Rubio

Trump is not very fond of diplomacy and foreign policy, so, when he needs to make a decision on Latin America he is reportedly turning to one of his rivals in the Republican primary: Marco Rubio.

Rubio Helping Trump with Foreign Policy

Reportedly, Rubio helped Trump to arrange for a meeting with Lilian Tintori, whose husband is a Venezuelan dissident jailed by local authorities. Following the meeting, an impressed Trump by the woman’s story tweeted his support.

Also, Rubio, who is Cuban-American, helped Trump in reversing the Obama-era policies regarding Cuba in recent weeks. The change was followed by a presidential visit to Miami where Trump thanked Cuban supporters for their help during the 2016 presidential campaign.

Rubio is said to communicate directly with Trump on these matters as the State Department lacks experts on Latin America foreign policy, according to State Department officials.

They’ve asked for my input on basically every issue in Latin America and the Western Hemisphere…

Rubio said in an interview.

Rubio was grateful that the Trump administration remained open and did not come in with preconceived ideas on how a specific policy should look. “[That] created the space for that debate to occur,” Rubio added.

State Department Facing Labor Shortage

The State Department is facing a shortage of employees, with a notable vacancy for the Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs who coordinates the foreign policy for Latin America.

So, the president needed plenty of help from his senior advisers and Rubio himself to help him craft the Cuba deal. The head of Engage Cuba, a nonprofit that lobbies for a closer U.S-Cuba relationship, criticized Rubio for having found a “way” of telling the president that if he is not pleased with the bureaucrats’ advice, he should listen to him.
Image Source: Flickr