Russians Describe Trump as ‘Naive’ in Leaked Psychological Dossier

Russian President Vladimir Putin

From a secret psychological dossier profiling Donald Trump we learned the Russians see the freshly-minted U.S. president as a “risk-taker” who can sometimes be “naive.” The document is supposed to land on Russian president Vladimir Putin’s desk before his first meeting with his American counterpart.

A senior Kremlin adviser, Andrei Fedorov, who leaked excerpts of the dossier to NBC News, revealed that Trump doesn’t “fully understand” the Russian leader since he fails to perceive him as the “tough guy.” Fedorov, who once served as his country’s Deputy Foreign Minister, also revealed that several retired diplomats and some of Putin staffers are compiling the file on Trump’s psychological makeup.

The dossier is meant to help the Russian leader prepare his speech for his first encounter with the U.S. leader. There isn’t an exact date for the meeting. At the center of the preparatory work for the event stands the 7-page dossier which contains Trump’s psychological portrait.

For their work, the dossier’s authors used data on the U.S. president that surfaced in the last two to three months. Fedorov says he has personally known the New York billionaire since 2000. He also said that the dossier is updated on a constant basis. As of now, many in Moscow believe the American leader plans to run his nation as he would a business.

Fedorov’s piece of advice to Trump is to listen to people around him if he wants to fix the areas where he has weaknesses. The former Russian official told Trump that he doesn’t live in a box.

Most countries fully brief their leaders ahead of an official meeting with their foreign rivals, but compiling a psychological profile of a foreign leader is highly unusual. The Kremlin is increasingly concerned about frictions in Washington, especially after the Flynn scandal.

Putin is reportedly concerned Trump lacks the political strength to improve relations with Moscow even though he had repeatedly pledged to do so. The Russians now hope Trump will lift the sanctions Obama imposed on them after the election hack scandal.

The U.S. intelligence community concluded that the Russian government sponsored a secret hacking operation meant to destabilize the U.S. election system and get Trump elected. U.S. intelligence leaders have a “high level of confidence” that the Russian leader got personally involved in the covert operation.

The U.S. is still probing Trump aides’ connections with Russia especially after Trump’s former national security adviser Gen. Michael T. Flynn admitted that he had met with the Russian ambassador in Washington multiple times. U.S. intelligence agencies claim that the two men discussed the possibility of lifting the said sanctions after the presidential inauguration.

In addition, another high-ranking official in Trump’s Cabinet, Rex Tillerson, was exceptionally close to the Kremlin and Putin when he was serving as Exxon Mobile’s CEO. Plus, Trump’s ex-campaign manager Paul Manafort had to step down last summer amid accusations that he touted Russian interests in Ukraine. Last week, Manafort told reporters he had “no contact knowingly” with Kremlin emissaries. According to a New York Times report, the FBI personally reviewed Manafort’s communications on the campaign trail.
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