Report: Flynn Was In Their Back Pocket

Gen Michael Flynn

According to a recording obtained by CNN, top Russian officials were heard patting each other on the back for having an ally in Trump’s ousted national security adviser Michael Flynn long before the election.

Flynn Seen as National Security Risk in His Home Country

However, the tape also shows that U.S. spies suspected Gen. Flynn may be trouble. This is why they did not freely share with Flynn confidential information. According to a report, his relationship with Russia was seen as a “five-alarm fire” from the very beginning of the presidential campaign.

A former Obama administration official confirmed that Flynn lost nearly all credibility and was considered a national security risk even when he advised Trump on national security issues.

CNN found Flynn was considered an ally to the Russians throughout 2016. This means that Russia and Flynn had a close relationship long before the disgraced general was caught talking with Russian ambassador to Washington Sergey Kislyak in December.

U.S. intel officials think that the Russians were overconfident when they called Flynn an ally. CNN tried to get in touch with Flynn’s attorney, who declined to provide comment.

The White House Ignores CNN Report

The White House refused to confirm the reports. A spokesperson for the Trump administration said the multiple inquiries into Russia would likely lead to no evidence to back the allegation over a Trump campaign and Russia collusion. The official said Trump would not get distracted from his work to create more American jobs and keep Americans safe.

It is unclear what that spokesperson meant by creating jobs, with Trump having one of the poorest records on the matter. Also, the president’s efforts to protect America have so far managed only to tear the U.S. apart.
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