Ryan Give’s A Pitiful Excuse About the President’s Behavior

House Speaker Paul Ryan smiling

House Speaker Paul Ryan recently defended Trump by saying that the real estate tycoon is new to politics and doesn’t know it is bad to obstruct justice. The congressman also said that Trump did not have enough time to get accustomed to the communication protocols between the White House, the Department of Justice, and the FBI.

Trump Is ‘New at Government’

The lawmaker made the remarks on Thursday afternoon in a news conference at the same time the FBI chief that Trump ousted last month was testifying before Congress.

The President’s new at this. […]“He’s new at government, and so, therefore, I think that he — he is learning as he goes,

Ryan told reporters.

He acknowledged, though, that the DOJ, FBI, and the White House need to maintain a degree of independence between one another.

When one reporter pushed further on the matter, Ryan replied that the excuse he just brought for Trump’s actions is not “an acceptable excuse.” He added that the conclusion that Trump is new at government and this may be why he is risking impeachment is just his personal “observation.”

Trump’s Reckless Behavior Could Endanger the World

Ryan provided the excuse after multiple journalists asked him if the discussions the President had with the former FBI Director James Comey represented a case of obstruction of justice.

Ryan is right when he said that the excuse is not acceptable. One may wonder what may happen if the president starts an international incident because he is not aware of the “protocols.”

He has already bombed a non-hostile nation without congressional approval, he repeatedly insulted the United States’ allies, and threatened to start trade wars. So, it is only a matter of time before he could start a full-scale war and throw the world into chaos.
Image Source: Wikimedia