Ryan Has Bizarre Reason for Why Mueller Should Be Allowed to ‘Do His Job’

Paul Ryan in 2013

House Speaker Paul Ryan has a bizarre reason for why special prosecutor Robert Mueller should be allowed to do his job. Ryan firmly believes a special investigation by the FBI into Russia would fully ‘vindicate’ Trump if it was completed.

Let Mueller ‘Do His Job.’

Ryan made the remarks Tuesday at a leadership press briefing after he explained how the GOP plans to fix veteran’s services.

The best case for the president is to be vindicated by allowing this investigation to go on. The best advice would be to let Robert Mueller do his job,

The House speaker told reporters.

Ryan’s comments come one day after Trump’s close ally and Newsmax’s Chris Ruddy said on PBS that the president was ‘considering’ firing the special prosecutor. Ruddy made the revelations just hours after visiting the White House, but he admitted he never heard Trump he was planning to ditch Mueller.

The White House also denied any conversations on the topic between Ruddy and the Commander in Chief.

Trump Reportedly Advised to Keep Mueller

Conservatives are also rallying against Mueller accusing him of partisanship. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said the GOP is delusional if they think the special counsel would conduct a ‘fair’ investigation.

Gingrich called for Congress to step in and abolish the special counsel since former FBI Chief James Comey’s testimony is pretty clear that Comey manipulated everyone to name Mueller after leaking to the press a compromising memo.

Democratic leaders, however, stand by Mueller and want the special investigation to proceed.

People familiar with the situation recently told CNN that the president is advised by his close aides not to dismiss the special counsel.
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