This Democrat Just Teamed Up With Bernie Sanders


We can all agree that Obamacare has saved many of our lives and gave us access to health care that millions could not previously afford. But now California Senator Kamala Harris and Vermont’s Bernie Sanders are changing things up a bit.

Kalama Supports ‘Medicare For All’

During a town hall meeting on Wednesday, Sen. Kamala Harris announced she will be supporting Sen. Bernie Sanders in his quest for a single-payer healthcare system.

“I intend to co-sponsor the ‘Medicare for All’ bill because it’s just the right thing to do,” Harris announced Wednesday at a town hall in Oakland.

“It’s not just about what is morally and ethically right, it also makes sense just from a fiscal standpoint,” she said.

Harris’ decision to co-sponsor Bernie’s bill is the first instance of her supporting the plan. In July, Harris stated “as a concept” she supported the single-payer system but lawmakers still need to “work out the details.” Earlier this week Sanders said he was gathering support for his “Medicare for All” bill. “When the people are saying we need healthcare for everyone, as more and more Americans come on board, it will become politically possible.” He stated.

Bernie’s backing for the policy raised questions about whether he and his supporters might launch primary challenges against Democrats who do not back the plan. More and more Americans are backing the plan so we’ll see about that. On Wednesday Sanders tweeted to Harris thanking her for her support and the announcement.

So how many of you back Sanders’ plan? Do you think we need a single-payer system or a universal healthcare system? Either way, it’s better than what those Republicans are trying to concoct!

Source: The Hill