Sanders on Clinton’s Basement Dwellers Remark: She’s ‘Absolutely Correct’

Bernie Sanders

On ABC’s “This Week,” Bernie Sanders defended Hillary Clinton against the social media maelstrom triggered by her insulting comments in a leaked audio.

At a fundraiser in February, Clinton decried the situation of many of Bernie Sanders’ young supporters by calling them basement dwellers. Recently, Sanders said his former political rival was “absolutely correct” when she called his Millennial voters so.

He argued that in reality many of his supporters still live with their parents, struggle with college debts, and dream of a decent-paying job to help them clear that debt. He acknowledged that during the campaign he had some differences with her, but on this issue they both agree.

Sanders, who endorsed Clinton this summer, added that millions of young Americans are now in debt because they wanted to go to college and get decent-paying jobs. But in the end, they’re unable to find one.

The U.S. senator believes that these people seek to transform the society, and hope for a “political revolution.” Sanders’ staffers took to social media to defend the Democratic candidate this weekend.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump tweeted Sunday Sanders should no longer endorse “Crooked Hillary” especially now that he has learned she had deceived him and his supporters.

The Leaked Audio

The leaked audio was made public on Friday night via a conservative news outlet.

In the audio, Clinton describes Sanders’ young supporters as “children of the great recession” who live in their parents’ basements. She noted that despite their education, these young Americans don’t get the jobs they envisioned. Plus, they feel they have no future.

She added a barista position does not pay enough and does not grant the opportunity for growth either. So, in Clinton’s view, these people dream of a political revolution. She urged attendees not to be a “wet blanket on idealism” and be “understanding of that.”

Shortly after the scandal broke out, Trump tweeted his political rival was “nasty” to Sanders’ Millennial supporters behind their backs. He added Clinton was not working for them but for Wall Street and other “crooked” politicians.

Sanders and Clinton Camp’s Reaction

Sanders, on the other hand, believes Clinton’s words should be taken “exactly the opposite way.”

Clinton camp explained they have been working with the Vermont senator ever since the end of primary. In the meanwhile, Sanders have fiercely campaigned for Clinton in battleground states.

A Clinton spokesperson said the Democratic candidate words should encourage young adults “be idealistic and set big goals.” Clinton is reportedly fighting for what Millennials fight for: “a fairer more equal, just world.”

According to recent polls, Sanders’ young supporters don’t plan to vote for Clinton in the November elections. Sanders himself said he would not instruct his supporters on how to vote.

However, Sanders underscored that Clinton’s take on global warming, energy system, and equal pay closely match his views. For example, he said other candidates have a more conservative approach on revamping the nation’s energy system, which is at odds with what his supporters stand for.

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