Sarah Huckabee: School Shootings Are Not As Important As “The Wall” (Video)


There have been 11 shootings at schools in the first 23 days of this year. President Trump has remained largely silent on these, especially when it comes to policy that might help alleviate the problem. ABC News Washington correspondent Peter Alexander attempted to ask Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders what Trump’s plans are to stop these tragedies from happening.

What transpired is a train wreck that can only be brought to you directly from the excellent minds at Trump headquarters. 

Alexander Asked, “In October, after the Vegas shooting you said it was an unspeakable tragedy from that podium. What has the president done in the time since October to prevent these shootings from taking place?”


Sanders proceeded to throw out the typical talking points the administration uses to answer these pesky questions. She gave a generic statement about the loss of life being unacceptable, no matter who it is.

“Any shooting at any school across this country is something that should never happen. Uh, students fearing for their lives while they’re attempting to get an education is unacceptable,” said Sanders

Then she immediately threw their favorite distractor of all time in there and tried to blame the crime wave on Obama’s administration.

“We’ve had two years of increased violence prior to the president taking office. Uh, we’ve tried to crack down on crime throughout the country,” said Sanders.

She went on to list some random facts about charging more defendants with violent crime offenses, some federal firearms prosecutions that apparently outnumber any of those in the last decade, some gang members arrests, and a few drug traffickers bring brought to justice as all being evidence that the president is fighting back against mass shootings.


When Peter Alexander then pointed out that she was talking about crime and he was attempting to ask about mass shootings, which are not the same thing, Sanders babbled something about the ATF looking into firearms provisions.

Another non-answer to a direct question. 


Alexander kept going, “Crime waves should be their own category. We agree we don’t want crime.”

Sanders attempted yet again to convince the world that they are the same, still ignoring the question. “I think they’re part of a crime wave, absolutely. I don’t think you can completely separate the two.”

Except the reporter wasn’t going to allow her to get away with it. He asked why the president won’t use his position to try and help.

Then Sanders lost her bearing and seemingly her mind. She threw out an accusation that is nonsensical and ridiculous.

“I think he has Peter. Let me be very clear on this. The fact that you’re basically accusing the president of being complicit in a school shooting is outrageous.”

Of course, Alexander pointed out at this point that he did no such thing, and that Trump continually blames Democrats for being complicit in violence like in his recent anti-immigration attack ad. The ad literally says  “Democrats who stand in our way will be complicit in every murder committed by illegal immigrants.” 

After that, Sanders dropped her biggest bomb of the day.

“Ignoring the fact that the safety and security of our borders is very different. The president has been very clear and instructed the top law enforcement agency in this country to crack down on crime and to do everything they can to prevent these types of things.”

So there you have it, folks. The Trump administration thinks that border security is more important than the mass shootings that have killed children as recently as this week.