Fuggedaboutit: Tony the Mooch Is Outta Here

new communications director anthony scaramucci

Lasting a grand total of 10 days, Tony the Mooch is outta here. Trump has decided to remove him from his position as White House communications director.

Looks Like Your The Fired One

Scaramucci has been removed just days after his tirade to a New Yorker journalist. His appointment caused Sean Spicer and Reince Priebus to resign from their positions. The decision to remove him from his post was from the new Chief of Staff John Kelly. Scaramucci boasted that he reported directly to the president so Kelly put a quick end to that. Kelly made it clear to White House staff that he is in charge and they will be disciplined. It looks like Tony the Mooch was first on his list.

It’s not quite clear if Scaramucci will continue with the White House in another role or if he will be leaving altogether.