Scaramucci Interview Goes Wildly Off The Rails (VIDEO)

Anthony Scaramucci
Former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci tells Stephanie Ruhle that Steve Bannon needs to "knock it off" and re-join the Trump team. Screenshot courtesy of MediaWatch/YouTube

When Anthony Scaramucci stopped by MSNBC to discuss Michael Wolff’s fiery tell-all book about President Donald Trump and his administration, he triggered a brouhaha of epic proportions.

Scaramucci Wants Bannon To Re-Join The Team

Before his visit to MSNBC,  “the Mooch” stopped by CNN where he suggested that Steve Bannon  “get back” to his therapist for referring to Donald Trump Jr. as “unpatriotic.” Turns out, that was only Scaramucci’s opening salvo.

Next on the schedule was MSNBC.  During this interview, news host Stephanie Ruhle asked Scaramucci if he felt “vindicated” now that Bannon has been bounced out of his job. His response shocked everyone.

“I don’t necessarily feel vindicated as much as I would like Steve to knock it off and rejoin the team,” the extremely short-term (10 days) White House Communications Director said. “He needs to knock it off.”

After that, Ruhle couldn’t resist bringing up that one-time when Scaramucci informed a reporter at The New Yorker that Bannon likes to “suck his own cock.”

“Anthony, you said six months ago that you think Steve Bannon tries to suck his own penis,” Ruhle said. “And now you’re saying you should get on board and get on the team?”

And then things got weird:

“MSNBC. My favorite network. You wanna talk about that? Let’s talk about that.”

He added:

“I think we have the right to read on the guy. There are two things you can do with a guy like that. You can either excise him, or shun him, which I don’t think is the best-recommended strategy, or you can tell him to knock it off and bring him back into the fold.”

“The Mooch” was oddly contrite in a cocky sort of way and he spent some time trying to walk back some of his previous derogatory comments by calling both the president and his son, Donald Jr., “great American patriots.”

The next thing you know, the two were arguing over whether Trump Jr. should have contacted the FBI instead of attending the now-infamous meeting at the Trump Tower with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya. That led to Scaramucci going after Ruhl and (for some unknown reason) repeating the phrase “Monday morning quarterback” numerous times.

“Don’t be a Monday morning quarterback,” he said. “At the end of the day, we all are going to do certain things and then certain other things happen.”

“It’s called a mistake. It’s not called treason. Let’s talk about it for what it is. Let’s not triple-guess people and do the whole Monday morning quarterback thing.”

Back and forth they went until Scaramucci finally found his footing on the subject of Wolff’s book. But, thanks to an awkward pause, what could have been “the Mooch’s” knockout punch wound up giving Ruhle the victory. Scaramucci claims he was trying to call Michael Wolff “unattractive intellectually,” but a pause after calling the author unattractive was all Ruhle needed to pivot, plant and land the final punch.

You can watch the entertaining video below.

Featured Image by Media Watch/YouTube