Schumer Blasts Latest ‘Absurd’ Trump Proposal

Chick Schumer

On Tuesday, news emerged that the president plans to fund his ‘big, beautiful’ wall along the U.S.-Mexico border through solar panels. The single idea of solar panels attached to a border wall prompted Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer to have a harsh reaction.

‘Absurd Twist’ Just Added to the Border Wall Idea

He underlined that the idea was dismissed by Congress since it did not provide enough funding in its spending bill and by nearly all Republican lawmakers in the border states. Next, he blasted Trump for not coming with a plan that would explain the hows and the where of the project. Plus, there is also the problem of private land owners that refuse to leave their lands on the border for the sake of a wall.

Schumer thinks that building a physical border wall is already a “medieval” idea, but adding solar panels to it is an “absurd twist.”

If the president thinks his new idea will catch on here in Congress, well, I have a 50-foot tall wall made of solar panels that I will sell to you,

Schumer added.

Environmentalists React

Trump’s latest proposal could be embraced by anti-immigration activists and racists who dream about a border wall to keep illegal immigrants away. Environmentalists, on the other hand, will not be that easily fooled as they are already aware the construction alone is an ecological disaster.

As Brett Hartl of the Center for Biological Diversity put it, adding solar panels to an environmental disaster would mean an ecological disaster… with solar panels on top. The center is suing the government to halt the construction on protected areas.