Schumer Points Out Trump’s Cabinet Is Filled with ‘Swamp Creatures’

Senate minority leader Charles Schumer

Trump’s first address to a joint Congress left Charles Schumer unimpressed as the Senate minority leader wants to see the President doing something about the “swamp creatures” populating his cabinet.

Schumer believes there is an ever-widening gap between what Trump says and what his administration does. He added that it really doesn’t matter what he says since his claims and the reality are so detached in his speeches.

His government is filled with, if you will, swamp creatures,

Schumer said on Tuesday night on MSNBC.

Schumer was upset that Trump had promised to focus on infrastructure but Democrats haven’t “heard a peep” from the new administration about a proposal they passed recently.

However, infrastructure is not the only topic where the President’s actions are not entirely consistent with his words. The president discussed other topics such as education, the 2018 budget, China’s currency manipulation, and his campaign promise to “drain the swamp of corruption’ at the White House.

Since “swamp creatures” still inhabit the White House, Schumer thinks that the latest presidential speech is as empty as his inauguration speech. He noted that American people are not looking for a speech, they want to see what the new administration can accomplish.

However, the GOP praised Trump’s speech as one of the best a president has delivered in decades. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said that with the latest speech, Trump has become “presidential.”

Schumer continued to blast Trump in interviews, however. In a separate statement, he noted the speech was unreal because what the president told Congress was at odds with what his administration accomplished in the first 40 days in office.

Schumer also pledged to do whatever possible to resist the GOP’s replacement for Obamacare, aka the Trumpcare. He promised that his fellow Democrats would work to defeat the proposal.

On Monday, he said the GOP plan is a covert giveaway to health insurers and the wealthy at the expense of the average American.

[…] Senate Democrats will work hard to see that it is defeated,

Schumer said.

His comments came on the same day Republicans unveiled two measures to repeal Obama’s signature healthcare law, as Trump had promised on the campaign trail. The two bills dismantle Medicaid expansion and says goodbye to the individual mandate that forces Americans to buy health coverage or face fines.

Schumer thinks the new laws would just force Americans to shell out more money for less care. He deemed Republicans’ replacement a “sham of a replacement” which would leave hundreds of thousands of Americans without healthcare. What’s more, Americans struggling with opioid addiction will see themselves left without treatment despite Obama’s promise to expand treatment options.

Ever since Republicans announced that they would undo Obamacare through a special budget procedure that would prevent Democrats from creating a filibuster, Democratic leaders have protested against the measure through grassroots campaigns supporting the original bill. One of these campaigns’ slogan was “Make America Sick Again” to describe the outcome of Republicans’ plan to repeal and replace Obamacare.

Image Source: Wikimedia