Scientist Inserts Message for Trump in Resignation Letter

President-elect Donald Trump

Another Trump administration staffer has resigned because of his weak response to the Charlottesville attack. State Department science envoy Daniel Kammen recently stepped down for the same reason. However, his resignation letter included a subliminal message that should give Trump the shivers.

A Sneaky Message

The researcher posted the resignation letter on Twitter with the message that he is resigning over Trump’s response to the violence in Virginia which can only encourage racism and sexism and can harm the U.S. and our planet. Kammen who worked for the U.S. government for more than two decades thought his resignation should be paired with a strong message to the Commander in Chief.

If one combines the initial letter of each paragraph, they can read the word “IMPEACH.”

The scientist resignation follows an exodus of CEOs and other experts and the disbanding of a couple of advisory panels. The President’s Manufacturing Jobs advisory council and The Strategic and Policy Forum had to be disbanded after their members resigned over Trump’s response to the violent riots in Charlottesville.

Specialists Fleeing Trump’s Regime

Trump tweeted that he discontinued the councils on his own and added that there are many people eager to fill any open position within his administration. His tweet was a clear attempt to save his image after the CEOs fled him over his behavior.

On the other hand, Kammen is not the only specialist to step down and send a message to the President. Members of the Committee on the Arts and the Humanities that resigned last week inserted in their resignation letter the subliminal message “RESIST.”

The weak response to Charlottesville has also prompted the resignation of Trump’s Chief Strategist Steve Bannon, who has returned to the conservative news website Breitbart News and declared “war” to Trump’s enemies.
Image Source: Wikimedia