Towering Dispute: Secret Service Pulls Out

The New York Trump Tower

It looks like even the Secret Service is fed up with Trump. They’ve moved out of Trump Tower into a trailer in Manhattan.

Secret Service vs. Trump

The Secret Service made its way out of Trump Tower in a trailer on the Manhattan streets because of a dispute. The dispute is between Trump’s business, the Trump Organization, and the US Government, the Washington Post reported. The dispute is over multiple lease issues, including the price.

Those placed in Trump Tower were supervisors and backup agents charged with protecting the president. These individuals were housed on the floor below Trump’s private residence. Amanda Miller, a Trump Organization spokeswoman, said it was a mutual agreement between both parties. “It would be more cost effective and logistically practical,” Miller said according to the Post.

No One Has Lived There

Trump has not visited the residence since his inauguration. Melania and son Barron moved out of the residence in June, which obviously will save taxpayers a lot of money. The Secret Service renting space from the president’s company was met with some criticism shortly after Trump graced the office with his vile presence, raising questions of potential conflicts of interest concerning a Trump business potentially benefiting from a lucrative government contract.

Source: Business Insider



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