Senate All-Nighter: Democrats Meet to Discuss “Vampire” Bill

Panoramic view of the U.S. Capitol

It’s been said that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell scheduled a vote next week on the fate of Trumpcare. Senate Democrats took to the floor last night to discuss the repercussions of this bill and it lasted all night.

McConnell’s Undemocratic Process in Drafting the Bill

Senate Democrats hammered McConnell about how Trumpcare would cause life-and-death harm to millions of Americans. Sen. Joe Manchin (WV) told McConell “Bring us in. Bring us in, let’s talk. Let’s fix it.” Minority Leader Chuck Schumer hit the floor first offering McConnell a closed-door bipartisan meeting with all 100 senators to discuss the bill. McConnell refused. He also asked for more than 10 hours before the vote to review the bill, which McConnell also refused and said: “I think we’ll have ample opportunity to read and amend the bill.” By the end of the night, 15 requests for the bill to be heard were made, and McConnell refused them all.

Many Senators were Facebook live throughout the night where Senate Republicans were blasted for the secrecy of this bill. Catherine Cortez Masto of Nevada said “Several men are behind closed doors” saying it’s “a travesty.” Sen. Kamala Harris (CA) quoted the president saying, “Even though the authors of this bill have tried to conceal their plan this bill would be nothing short of

“Even though the authors of this bill have tried to conceal their plan this bill would be nothing short of disaster. We’ve been told it’s about 80 percent the same as the bill passed by the House. A bill so catastrophic that even the president, who hailed its passage, now called it ‘mean.'”

Democrats Speak Up

Vermont’s Bernie Sanders also spoke up at the meeting saying even some Republican senators haven’t seen the bill, “It should tell you something that major, major legislation is being written at this moment, and most Republicans don’t have a clue what’s in that legislation.” He then asked McConnell, “What are you afraid of?”

Some Senators asked about Trump’s promise not to cut Medicaid as well as reminding McConnell about his 2009 stance on Obamacare. Sen. Jeff Merkley (OR) called Trumpcare a “vampire” bill as well as giving McConnell that ironic reminder. We all know McConnell is heartless and feels nothing but next week will tell us if any of the other Republican senators involved in this farce still have the ability to feel compassion and haver human decency.