Senate Votes and Confirms New FBI Director

FBI agents

The U.S. Senate finally confirmed Christopher Wray as the new FBI director, who replaces James Comey after his abrupt departure. Wray, 50, was confirmed on a 92-5 vote on Tuesday.

New FBI Chief Facing Challenging Times

The freshly-minted FBI chief served as a top official at the Justice Department under George W. Bush and led multiple investigations into corporate fraud. Wray will have to manage a bureau in challenging times since Trump fired Comey even though he was admired for his probity.

 “This is a tough time to take this tough job,”

One senator noted.

She added that Comey lost his job over the investigation into the Russian meddling with the U.S. elections. On top of that, the former deputy attorney general was fired too, while other officials were shown the pink slip over the last few months.

Republicans and Democrats were able to agree on Wray’s nomination after he pledged not to let politics interfere with the FBI’s mission. During his confirmation hearing, Wray pledged loyalty to the rule of law and Constitution, two ‘guideposts’ in his career he is poised not to abandon.

Trump took Washington by surprise in May when he sacked the former FBI director for mishandling the Clinton investigation. Comey claims that he was fired because he refused to let the Flynn investigation go and to pledge loyalty to Trump.

Wray Has an Impressive Resume

Wray has a good expertise in regulatory cases and financially motivated crimes since he worked as a partner in a major law firm In Washington. In May 2001, he joined the Justice Department and held various positions including the leader of the criminal division two years later. Before that, he worked as a federal prosecutor in Northern District of Georgia.

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) wholeheartedly endorsed Wray for “the unwavering commitment to impartial enforcement of the law,” a thing the FBI currently needs.
Image Source: Wikimedia