Senate Energy Committee Approves A Bill That Will Destroy Alaska


According to a report from The Hill, The Senate committee on energy has approved finalized legislation that would conjointly allow the federal government and the Alaskan government to drill a 1.5 million acre area of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR).

Senator Lisa Murkowski, a Republican from Alaska most famous for her stand against the Graham-Cassidy healthcare bill, is the sponsor of this legislation. The vote on this was nearly on a party line with only one Democrat, the conservative Joe Manchin from West Virginia is the sole Democrat to vote in favor of this legislation.

The legislation moves forward to the floor of the Senate where all members will get to vote on it. However, the bill has been tied to passage of the tax reform act which gives hope to some environmentalists in Congress who are, justifiably and understandably, outraged.

Senator Maria Cantwell of Washington led a Democratic resistance to the minority members of the committee.

This is not a serious budget proposal: It’s a cynical effort to open up the heart of the Arctic refuge for oil.

But the notion that oil prices have fallen, and the state has been over-reliant on oil, does not mean we should be destroying a wildlife refuge today.

The rally cry for Democrats could not be more clear. Without clear and precise action against the efforts of Senate Republicans and the current administration in the White House, we will watch as our public land and parks are quickly sold off to the highest bidder or stripped down for commercialization.

Capitalism is making its way into the wildlife refuges that have thus far enjoyed protection and defense from the government. Now, due to a “business-friendly” President and their corrupt GOP allies in the Senate, there is an opportunity to take that away and profit it, so opportunists are making their move.

Unless Democrats take a stand and contact their representatives.