Senate Intelligence Committee SLAMS Trump and His Claims

Donald J. Trump

Members of the Senate Intelligence Committee said in a joint statement that they have “no indication” the Obama administration ordered the surveillance of Trump Tower before or after the election. The panel made the statement “based on the information available” on Thursday.

The committee’s head Richard Burr said the panel consulted the CIA, met with FBI Director James Comey, and had access to classified documents. The latest report is in line with House Intelligence Committee’s findings published Wednesday.

Trump’s Allegations Have ‘No Basis’

The House panel said they had no evidence that “there was an actual tap of Trump Tower.” Rep. Adam Schiff, one of the two top Democrats on the committee, added that Trump’s claims had “no basis.” He also said that he was “deeply concerned” that the nation’s commander-in-chief would make such allegations without evidence.

Trump first accused Obama of tapping his phones in Trump Tower on Mar. 4.

“Terrible! Just found out that Obama had my ‘wires tapped’ in Trump Tower just before the victory. Nothing found. This is McCarthyism!”

he tweeted.

This week, Trump told Fox News that by “wiretapping” he didn’t mean actual wiretapping, but surveillance. He explained he wrote wiretapping in quotes for a reason. He said that “wiretapping” is nowadays “pretty old-fashioned,” so by the term he meant broader surveillance “and many other things.” Two of his four tweets indeed had the term in quotes.

Trump also said that his sources were two media reports – a New York Times article and a Fox News piece. However, none of the two reports implied Obama was personally involved in the alleged surveillance of Trump Tower.

When a journalist asked him why he didn’t back up his claims with help from the intelligence community, Trump replied he didn’t want to do anything that would “violate any strength of an agency”.

President’s Story Is Fake News

Nevertheless, despite the many people who said there is no evidence Obama had a secret warrant to wiretap Trump Tower, the president did not retract his claims. He said on Fox News that some “very interesting items” would surface over the next two weeks.

Ironically, even though the president has repeatedly warned his supporters against “fake news,” his own wiretapping story proved to be false.

And talking about fake news… Over the last few weeks, multiple sites alleged that the FBI issued a warrant for the former president’s arrest because he illegally wiretapped Trump’s phones. Facebook flagged many of these “news” sites as fake news outlets.

Just like there’s no warrant for Trump Tower’s surveillance, there is no FBI warrant to arrest Trump’s predecessor. However, the stories are so cleverly engineered that they even quoted an FBI “source,” Todd McMartin, who reportedly told Fox News that Obama confessed to one of Clinton campaign officials that he had illegally wiretapped the billionaire’s phones because no federal judge would authorize him to do so.

The said source, however, does not exist and the site that originally published the story advised readers to consider the content satirical and the quotes a “complete and total baloney”.
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