Senate Republicans Will ‘Pass Anything’ On Health Care

Panoramic view of the U.S. Capitol

Tuesday was filled with voting on the health care bill and trying to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. Republicans are getting desperate at this point and are trying to pass everything and anything that will somewhat repeal the ACA.

The Newest ‘Skinny’ Bill

After the Better Care Reconciliation Act sank harder than the Titanic, the GOP desperately tried to pull anything together that would repeal Obamacare. Their latest stunt involves a new ‘skinny repeal’ if lawmakers would open it for debate. The ‘skinny repeal’ is a very scaled-down version of the repeal which will likely get rid of the individual and employer mandates, as well as the medical devices tax. Republicans want to enter into a conference with the House so that they can come up with some larger repeal-and-replace measure later.

The Worst Part

The worst part about this skinny repeal? It hasn’t even been written yet. Senate leaders kept their fellow Republicans, Democrats, and the public in the dark about this until it was brought up in the meeting yesterday. The leaders also had this plan for weeks.

When asked why the Republicans were doing this smaller bill, Majority Whip John Cornyn of Texas said the leaders were making this stuff up as they go.

“Who knows what the final bill will look like?” Cornyn said. “I’d be happy to have a comprehensive bill that 50-plus senators agree to, but if we can’t, then the idea would be to come up with a core of pieces that 50 of us agree on so we can get to a conference.”

Currently, the skinny bill will raise premiums 20% and leave about 7 million without health insurance. Either way, that’s still not good enough for any self-respecting American. At the moment no one believes that this skinny bill will be the one Trump signs into effect, and Republicans can’t even agree on it.

We have an idea for you Republicans, just leave the ACA alone and let the Democrats handle it.



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