Senator On Trade: Trump Needs to Stop Being So ’18th Century’

Chinese cargo ship

Sen. Ben Sasse (R.-NE) lashed out at President Trump over his dated stance on global trade. The criticism comes one day after the Trump administration announced Trump might plan to freeze a free trade agreement with South Korea.

On Saturday night, Sasse tweeted that the Trump administration and Nebraska disagree on basic trade policies.

The Republican senator did not provide more details on the comments he made, but the tweet comes after the U.S. Chamber of Commerce announced that the White House plans to make a formal announcement about a decision to withdraw from a trade deal with South Korea Tuesday.

Trump confirmed Saturday while he was reviewing the devastation brought by Hurricane Harvey in Houston, TX, that the trade deal called KORUS was “very much” on his mind.

Trump to Scrap Another ‘Bad Deal’ for the U.S.

In July, the Trump administration started to negotiate the agreement with South Korea to adjust the deal. The President once described the 2012 free trade pact a “bad deal” for the United States.

The move comes at a time when the U.S. and South Korea must stay together in the face of the North Korean threat. Pyongyang claims that it has successfully tested a hydrogen bomb that can be attached to an intercontinental ballistic missile (IBM). The Pentagon did not confirm the news.

The official that took part in the July negotiations said he isn’t allowed to speak publicly on KORUS. He only said that the negotiations are ongoing.

Trump plans to withdraw from the deal if he doesn’t have his way as he made the renegotiation of trade deals that put at disadvantage America and the American worker a core piece of his economic agenda. In his first days in office, he withdrew from the Obama-era Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP).
Image Source: Wikimedia