Sessions Policy Will Crack Down On the Poor and Minorities


On Wednesday new Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that the Justice Department will prosecute drug dealers and “gun toting felons” aggressively. During an event in Richmond Virgina Sessions met with law enforcement officials and said:

“I am determined that this country will not go backward,” Sessions said as he addressed law enforcement officials in Richmond. “President Trump gave us a clear directive. It’s the policy of this administration to reduce crime in America, not preside over an increase in crime, but reduce crime. “The crime rate in our country remains at historic lows. But we’re beginning to see an increase again.”

That’s weird because I thought his boss said that crime is up and things in this country are awful and Trump is the only one that can save us. Sessions also feels that prosecutions are down because of viral videos, and as a result, police are afraid to do their job. Here is what the Washington Post reported on Sessions statements:

He attributed that increase to less forceful prosecutions and lower sentences, a declining prison population and a growing opioid epidemic. He also said that “in this age of viral videos and targeted killings of police,” police officers in many communities were afraid to do their jobs.

“We have too much of a tolerance for drug use,” Sessions said. “We need to say, as Nancy Reagan said, ‘Just say no.’ There’s no excuse for this, it’s not recreational. Lives are at stake, and we’re not going to worry about being fashionable.”
Sessions scoffed at the idea, promoted by some doctors and researchers, that medical marijuana can be used as an alternative painkiller to prevent or treat opioid addiction.
“I’ve heard people say we could solve our heroin problem with marijuana,” he said. “How stupid is that? Give me a break!”
After his speech, Sessions told reporters he was “dubious” of medical marijuana in general.
“Medical marijuana has been hyped, maybe too much,” he said. He added that his office may rethink parts of an Obama-era policy largely allowing individual states to legalize marijuana use.
Critics of Project Exile said the five-year mandatory minimum disproportionately affected poor black Americans. Sessions told reporters he was “sensitive to these issues,” but that most people in low-income African American neighborhoods want tough criminal penalties.
Recalling his own time as an assistant U.S. attorney in Alabama, Sessions said “the people in those communities were pleading with us to. . .get the thugs off the street.”

Robert Reich put it best today on his Facebook page:

Sessions mentioned nothing about going after corrupt companies and those that prey on the poor and middle class. He mentioned nothing about stopping the exploitation of minorities and protecting civil rights. All Sessions said was they are going to go after “thugs.” Meaning those that are the victims of political injustice and corporate greed. So from what we can gather Sessions and the Trump Administration just declared war on the poor and needy. Hey, Jeff how about you go after the “THUGS” in your own Administration!

Source: Washington Post