Seth Rogen’s Fantastic Point About the ‘Resistance’


Seth Rogen is one of the most productive people in Hollywood and even though he is only 34 he has starred in 30 movies, produced 15, and co-written nine. Rogen has also co-created the acclaimed series ‘Preacher’ which second season airs on AMC in June.

However, since President Trump was elected his tweets have become more and more political and Rogen had some strong words for the President. During an interview with the Daily Beast Rogen shared his opinion about the Trump Administration:

I mean, I’ll be fine. I guess. I got a whole other country I can go to. Those are jokes, obviously. I will not be leaving America. And I do just heavily acknowledge that, as a white dude, I’m not the one who’s in real trouble right now. But I don’t know. It’s interesting. It reminds me of when I first moved to America a little bit in 1999. It’s definitely a time now where there’s more outward conflict politically, but it’s hard to gauge. I find it comedically uninspiring because it takes no special ability to pinpoint the inherent absurdity or contradictory nature of [Trump]. So to me, there’s something about it that’s very uninspiring. It doesn’t take a genius or a particularly creative mind to point out how blatantly idiotic and contradictory things are.
But at the same time, I don’t want to look back in ten years and think, “I just didn’t say anything during that time,” because it seems like a time where it’s very important to normalize dissent; to not make it seem like a fringe countercultural position to not be thrilled with where the government is heading at this point. People like to paint it as that. So if anything, that’s something I’ve thought about. I don’t want to insult people. I’ve been very conscious not to insult people who voted for Donald Trump, but the way I think of it is just normalizing the idea that a lot of people do not think that he is a good president, and do not think that he is bringing the country in a good direction, and not making it seem like some fringe, out-there thing that only really aggressive people who have whipped themselves into some sort of frenzy are expressing.

I think Seth makes a very good point you are not the fringe if you believe President Trump is not taking the country in the right direction. We cannot sit back and ten years down the road look back and say we did nothing to try and this awful President.

Source: The Daily Beast