SHOCKING: Fox News Ladies Allowed to Wear PANTS on the Air

Fox News Anchors

After a flurry of sexual harassment scandals that shook the network to its core, Fox News Channel finally allowed its female news anchors to drop their usual skimpy skirts and wear pants on the air instead. The change left many Fox fans in a state of shock, with some viewing the wardrobe controversy as a capitulation to the far-left liberals’ politically correctness agenda.

The network’s troubles started when several women filed sexual harassment complaints against the company’s co-founder and former chief executive Roger Aisles. Following a nationwide scandal, multiple lawsuits, and an internal investigation, Ailes had to step down. But troubles didn’t end here.

Earlier this year, a media report revealed that the network was complicit in tolerating its biggest prime-time star Bill O’Reilly’s sexual misconduct. O’Reilly and Fox News reportedly paid around $13 million to the anchor’s accusers to quench sexual harassment allegations brought against him.

Shortly after, the chief of the network’s news division, Bill Shine, also lost his job. Meanwhile, the network hemorrhaged several of its most talented anchors due to the scandal: Gretchen Carlson, Megyn Kelly, Julie Roginski, Andrea Tantaros, and Greta Van Susteren.

Fox Lifts the Pants Ban

So, the network’s emergency response was swift: Fox News lift the longtime ban on women to completely cover their legs on the air. This is a big change since the short skirt order originated from the networks’ highest circles. Ailes reportedly insisted that his female employees display their body parts.

In the executive’s biography by Gabriel Sherman, Ailes reportedly complained multiple times about the issue. For instance, he once said he didn’t spend thousands of dollars on a glass desk for anchor X to wear pants. Andrea Tantaros was reportedly cast in The Five because Ailes “needed the leg.”

When one reporter asked her about her glass table, Megyn Kelly acknowledged that Fox News is a “visual business” as people “want to see the anchor”.
Image Source: Newshound