6 Of Trump’s Cronies Including the AG Tied to Extremest Anti-Immigration Group

Adviser to the president Kellyanne Conway

According to an investigative report published by the Southern Poverty Law Center, at least six of Trump’s senior aides – including Kellyanne Conway and AG Jeff Sessions – are linked to an anti-immigration advocacy group with racist roots.

FAIR tout themselves as an activist group that promotes conservative policies on mass immigration in the U.S.A. But the SPLC found that the nonprofit’s activity is much wider than that. The latest report shows that the six administration officials gave sensitive information to the group, which is officially concerned about mass immigration, but covertly runs a racist agenda.

The FAIR’s founder John Tanton once told a group of close friends that white Americans are losing their power and control over their lives as more and more immigrants are entering the country. “Will [Whites] simply go quietly into the night? Or will there be an explosion? ” Tanton rhetorically asked. In other words, the very group Tanton founded is based on the paranoid idea that the U.S. is being “invaded,” and white Americans should rise and stop the invaders.

The Group Secretly Lobbying the President

The group’s actions have echoed this idea, as it has lobbied many state legislatures to place tight restrictions on immigration. So far, FAIR had notable successes such as the time when Arizona lawmakers passed the controversial “Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act,” which allows law enforcement officers to ID and harass anyone they consider an illegal alien on the sole basis of “reasonable suspicion.” In Arizona, any immigrant is advised to have their papers on them, or else they might get deported.

SPLC found that six of Trump’s close aides – Conway, Sessions, Kris Kobach, Stephen Miller, Lou Barletta, and Julie Kirchner – are associated with this group, which means that FAIR has indirect access to the president who is therefore fed racist propaganda that, in the end, shape his immigration policies.
Image Source: Wikimedia