These Canadian Women Caught Smuggling Cocaine while on World Cruise

Drug-smuggling Canadian Women

Police caught three Canadian women while they were trying to smuggle 200 pounds of cocaine into Australia. Reportedly, the women were on a $20,000 world cruise which they documented on their Instagram account.

Australian authorities unveiled that the 22-year-old Melina Roberce and 28-year-old Isabelle Lagace along with Andre Tamine, 63, tried to bring the drug into country while on the exotic cruise.

Antidrug agents said that it is the largest bust involving a cruise or airline traveler in the nation’s history. The cocaine is worth more than 423 million, authorities said.

All three Canadian nationals were taken into custody and charged on Sunday. Investigators said that the three women probably work for a major drug syndicate with ties all over the world.

The Cruise

Ironically, the two gorgeous somethings documented their entire trip on Instagram. Roberce’s 35,000 plus followers found the two women had the times of their lives before landing in jail.

Roberce posted pictures of her and her friend in multiple exotic locations from South America to Tahiti and the U.K. to Sydney. An Instagram post shows one of the girls while having a tattoo in French Polynesia, while in another Roberce is having a “Coconut water detox.”

The women likely had to shell out $20,000 for the cruise on the MS Sea Princess. And authorities believe that if the women had kept a lower profile, maybe they could have got away with it.

An Australian Border Force officer explained that such cruises make his fellow officers more suspicious. Because Sydney has such a high tourist traffic, border patrols are continuously assessing risks.

There are travelers who come by cruise ships, and passengers that come by plane. But the cruise ship the three women were on raised some red flags. Authorities deemed it high-risk from the start because of the many stops around the world.

More Arrests Incoming

What’s more, investigators think that there may be more people behind the smuggling attempt. It is highly unlikely that three women could have found alone 200 lbs of cocaine. Plus, anti-drug agents found the bulk of the drug in the 63-year-old’s locked luggage.

Police declined to “go into specifics” but they explained that a syndicate needs to be highly organized to have access to so much cocaine.

The three women now risk life imprisonment.

In a recent statement, the ABF said that more arrests may follow. The agency added that the historic boost should be a lesson to all smugglers out there.

A spokesperson for the agency warned drug traffickers that the AFB is aware of all their methods of illegally introducing drugs into the country. Plus, reportedly the Australian agency is working with similar agencies across the world to stop them.

Instagram Backlash

Shortly after the arrest, people flooded Roberce’s Instagram feed with all types of messages.

While some of them either encouraged her and Lagace to do some soul-searching and review their life priorities or questioned their involvement. Others posted malicious comments and pondered on the irony of the situation.

“You will have enough time to make tattoos in the jail !,”

one user wrote under the French Polynesia tattoo session pic.

Image Source: Instagram