Special Prosecutor Mueller Inches Closer to the Truth in the Russia Investigation

Former FBI Director Robert Mueller and President Barack Obama

Special Counsel Robert Mueller who is now overseeing the investigation into Russia’s alleged election meddling and the Trump campaign’s possible connection to the affair has just pushed the investigation one step further.

Mueller Scrutinizing Comey’s Controversial Memos

Reported, Mueller was granted access to former FBI chief James Comey’s memos which document his every interaction with Trump during the FBI investigation into Russia.

One of the memo, whose contents landed on the front page of the large national newspapers, details how Trump asked Comey to let go the bureau’s investigation into his disgraced national security adviser Michael Flynn completely.

Since his appointment, Mueller, who served as FBI Director under Trump’s two predecessors, Bush and Obama, visited the FBI offices to speak with the agents involved in the inquiry.

Mueller is likely to focus overwhelmingly on Trump’s attempts to obstruct justice. Comey, who is a principal actor in the investigation, will likely not to testify before Congress’ intelligence committees before he meets with Mueller.

Mueller Interested in What Comey Has to Say

An unnamed official quoted by CNN explained that Mueller himself doesn’t want Comey to spill the beans on the investigation’s findings in Congress. He wants to hear what Comey knows before anyone else, but before doing that, he will have to review tons of documents.

The leaders of the Senate Intelligence Committee Richard Burr (R-NC) and Mark Warner (D-VA) said they would like to discuss with Mueller about the ousted FBI chief’s upcoming testimony.

Warner said that he and Burr would like to “sit down and just kind of get the rules of the road” before they start collaborating with the new special counsel.

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