Mueller’s New Addition to Probe Should Have Trump Trembling


Special prosecutor Mueller just hired a top-notch expert to help him get to the bottom of the Trump-Russia story. According to Politico, a veteran prosecutor with experience probing Enron and some of the most dangerous mob bosses joined Mueller’s team.

Mueller Assembling an All-Star Team

The all-star team suggests that the special prosecutor has high expectations on how the Russia probe should advance. The team includes men and women specialized in hunting down and prosecuting some of the nation’s most corrupt criminals and politicians. For instance, James Quarles, a Watergate special prosecutor, is already working on the investigation.

Less than a week ago, the special prosecutor hired Andrew Weissmann, an expert in corporate fraud who supervised the probes into Enron and landed the heads of three crime families in jail.

Weissmann led the DOJ’s fraud division under the Obama administration, and he is specialized in foreign bribery, corporate corruption, and criminal organizations. He was directly involved in the probes into Volkswagen diesel-cheating scandal, market manipulation from international banksters, and the shady payments made for the Brazilian oil company Petrobras.

Weissmann Specialized in Foreign Bribery

Weissmann was also behind an initiative to incentive companies to report infringements of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) which discourages foreign bribery. The veteran prosecutor also worked under Mueller as the bureau’s general counsel for nearly three years and has extensive experience with special investigations such as the Enron scandal under the George W. Bush Administration.

With Weissmann’s hiring, the Department of Justice loses another senior official in charge with its civil and criminal divisions. He first joined the DOJ in 2015 to oversee its fraud department under President Obama.

Weissmann couldn’t be reached for comment, while Mueller’s office declined to comment.
Image Source: White House