Spicer Apologizes For Horrible Comments


Trump’s press secretary Sean Spicer recently apologized on CNN for saying during Tuesday’s news conference that not even Hitler “sank” that low to gas his own people as Syrian President Bashar al-Assad allegedly did last week. At those moments, Spicer, however, totally forgot about a thing called the Holocaust.

Spicer’s Holocaust Flub Sparks Outrage

His remarks sparked a huge backlash from the Jewish community which called him the “most offensive press sec ever” and demanded his resignation. The Anne Frank Centre for Mutual Respect reminded Spicer that the Jews are observing Passover these days, and it is hard to watch the White House being engaged in a Holocaust denial.

The center underlined that Adolf Hitler gassed millions of Jews, and Spicer’s comments should be seen as just another form of “fake news.” According to the group, Spicer uttered the “most evil slur” upon the Jewish community a White House spokesperson has ever been able to make.

Sean Spicer now lacks the integrity to serve as White House press secretary and President Trump must fire him at once,

the center said.

The embattled press secretary made the comments when a journalist asked him why would Russia ever want to withdraw its support of Assad. He replied that the U.S. never resorted to chemical warfare during the World War II, and not even Hitler sank “to the, to using chemical weapons.” So, Russia might not want to “align” itself with such a regime, Spicer added.

Spicer Immediately Apologizes

Hours after making the statement, Spicer clarified his point of view. He explained that he wanted to say that Hitler never used sarin gas on his people like the Syrian leader did. He conceded that Hitler brought his people into the concentration camps instead.

He went on by saying that Assad went into towns and attacked unknowing citizens right in the middle of their cities. He underscored that his original intent was not to deny Holocaust but to emphasize Assad’s “heinous acts” against his people.

Spicer also apologized for having made “an inappropriate and insensitive reference to the Holocaust,” which he deemed a mistake as there is no comparison to the genocide.

House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi thinks Spicer’s comments should get him fired. She added he has just downplayed the horror of Holocaust.

By contrast, the leader of the Republican Jewish Coalition, Matt Brooks, was more lenient. He acknowledged that speaking about Hitler and the Holocaust can be “problematic on many levels.” After Spicer’s appearance on CNN, Brooks said he is confident the press secretary “genuinely and sincerely apologized.”

He’s bent over backward to make clear those views are not his, not what he was trying to say. We accept that and move on,

Brooks added.
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