Another One Bites the Dust: Spicer May Soon Step Down

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer

On Monday, Sean Spicer held a strange daily press briefing where no recording devices were allowed. Cable news networks had expected a live broadcast, but that was not the case. Instead, the briefing was an unprecedented camera-off “daily press gaggle.”

Spicer Looking for a Replacement

The incident only shows that the relationship between the Trump White House and the U.S. media has further soured since the President’s inauguration. Several news outlets recently reported that the White House Secretary is planning to resign and he is already interviewing people to replace him.

The news was confirmed by the Atlantic, Politico, the New York Daily News, and Bloomberg.

Media reports also suggest that a very likely replacement is Fox News’ correspondent Laura Ingraham. In the meantime, Ingraham responded to these rumors by saying that she is not interested in taking Spicer’s position, but if the country needed her, she would consider the job.

On Tuesday, the White House published a transcript of the off-camera media gaggle. A Time Magazine editor asked Spicer why his colleagues in radio and television couldn’t have a live broadcast. Spicer’s response was blunt. He said that Trump spoke that day on camera and that he would be speaking again at a tech summit.

“And there are days that I’ll decide that the President’s voice should be the one that speaks, and iterate his priorities,”

Trump’s spokesman added.

Spicer May Be Eyeing a New Position

Since May, Spicer has been under a lot of stress as he has occupied two positions: White House press secretary and communications director, a post previously held by Mike Dubke who decided to leave after coming under fire for the way he handled communications with the press after FBI Director James Comey’s firing.

Politico speculates that Spicer could occupy a new position within the Trump administration that would oversee the activity of the press secretary and communications director. He is, after all, the most experienced in the Trump administration to hold the job.