Press Secretary Replacement Announced


Well, that didn’t take long. Just hours after Sean Spicer announced his resignation from the White House secretary position, they found his replacement. The new White House press secretary is Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Grrreeeeat.

Promotion Announced During Press Briefing

Sanders’ promotion was announced during Scaramucci’s first press briefing–the first one in weeks. Sanders was originally the principal deputy press secretary and frequently substituted for Spicer since May. Spicer resigned after voicing his opposition to Scaramucci’s appointment and had this to say on his Twitter,

Sanders briefly discussed Spicer’s resignation but declined details on the subject. “I can say that he understood that the president wanted to bring in and add new people to the team, and Sean felt like it would be best for that team to be able to start with a totally clean slate,” she said.

Huckabee-Sanders History

Sanders is the daughter of former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee and joined Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign after her father ended his run for the GOP nomination. She was named a member of the White House communications office shortly before Trump’s inauguration in January. Before the 2016 election, Huckabee Sanders worked on several GOP political campaigns.

Sanders has frequently made headlines by clashing with reporters during briefings.

She verbally sparred with a reporter over what she described as “the constant barrage of fake news” about the president. The reporter challenged her and accused her of inflaming an anti-media sentiment. She also has faced criticism from reporters. With the banning of audio/visual media during press briefings, one reporter brilliantly defied them by live streaming it on Periscope.



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