Watch: The Door Has Been Closed On Transparency After Thursday’s Comments

Presidential candidate Donald Trump

In an interview published Thursday, President Trump said he “might” release his tax returns when he is no longer in office. The billionaire commander-in-chief expressed disbelief that the American people really cared about his taxes. He suggested the media are pushing the tax return story.

Trump Offers to Release His Returns ‘At Some Point’

On Thursday, Trump told The Economist that at “some point” he will probably release the returns. The answer came after he was reminded that the Democratic Party has already threatened to block his administration’s tax reform plan if he refused to make the much-anticipated disclosure.

When asked if he would release the returns if the Democrats asked for it, Trump said he “doubts” any Democrat would ever explicitly request that. He described The Economist’s question ‘fascinating’ before arguing that the Democratic Party and the American people as a whole do not “care” about his tax returns. “[…] nobody cares about my tax return except for the reporters,” the billionaire president said.

He pledged to “maybe”’ release them after he is “out of office,” and added that he is very proud about his tax returns. “I’m very proud of them actually. I did a good job,” Trump told the Economist.

Releasing Tax Returns after Leaving Office No Longer Relevant

Still, releasing them after he is no longer president would be too late for a plethora of reasons. The tax returns could address concerns about his family’s business ties with Russia and potential conflicts of interest. The returns could also enable the American people to catch Trump and his pals making a fortune out of the presidency, and the list could go on.

Additionally, if he staunchly refused to make the disclosure during the presidential campaign and the presidency despite repeated pressure, it is very unlikely that he will do it after he is no longer in office.

Nevertheless, it is not the first time Trump promises to release the returns. Here are a few more instances:

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