Another Staffer Bites The Dust From Trump’s Administration

White House lawn

Former Republican National Committee staffer, Andy Hemming, reported on Thursday that he is resigning from his position as the White House communications team’s director.

Hemming’s Departure

Hemming’s main responsibility was finding positive ways to portray President Trump through the media, but with Trump’s everyday Twitter rants and bashing of the media, it proved to be impossible. Politico’s Annie Karni reported, “Hemming’s goal was to ultimately create more mainstream coverage about positive moments for the Trump administration on the very networks the president routinely bashes and refers to as ‘fake news.'”

Tuesday’s Trump rally in Phoenix proved to be the icing on the cake for Hemming, as Trump bashed the media and even had the crowd chanting “CNN sucks.” Hemming has not publicly announced his departure, but CNN reported that the decision to part ways was mutual.

Many Have Jumped Ship

Hemming’s departure is just one many since the beginning of the Trump administration. In July, press secretary Sean Spicer resigned, then Reince Priebus resigned from his position as White House chief of staff. Just a few days later (10 to be exact), the new communications director, Anthony Scaramucci aka Tony the Mooch, was pushed out of the White House. In the mean time, several Trump administration advisers parted ways with President Trump in response to his questionable response to the violence in Charlottesville. Looks like people are starting to finally see the light and coming over from the dark side. We have better cookies anyway.



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