More Staff Are Jumping Ship From Trump’s Administration

President Donald Trump applauding

Trump’s disastrous response to the Charlottesville attack pushed, even more, staff members out of the White House. One of the latest officials to step down thinks Trump is hurting the country’s domestic security.

NIAC Lost 7 Members

According to the Huffington Post, seven members of the National Infrastructure Advisory Council (NIAC) decided to distance themselves from the toxic environment and resigned. Some of the officials had a very blunt message for the Trump administration.

In his resignation letter, one resigning council member wrote that Trump actions put at risk the security of the homeland he had sworn to protect when he took office. The official was disgruntled about Trump placing the blame for the Charlottesville violence on the “alt-left.”

The official added that the President paid little attention to the national security issues affecting the country that was discovered by the NIAC, and failed to listen to “sound advice.”

The Trump administration has also been irresponsive to the cyber security threats affecting our country. Sen. John McCain recently criticized the Trump White House over its “weak” cyber security policies. The Arizona senator underlined that the Obama administration failed to offer a strong cyber deterrence policy, but the current administration is no better. Trump had promised to come up with the policy within 90 days of him taking office, but we have yet to see a plan.

Trump Admin Facing an Exodus of Personnel

The seven NIAC members resigned following an exodus of CEOs and government officials in response to Trump’s inaction regarding Charlottesville. Trump had to disband the White House Manufacturing Jobs Initiative and the Strategic and Policy Forum when nearly a dozen CEOs abandoned their advisory roles.

Two other staff members that resigned in the aftermath of the Charlottesville attack inserted a hidden message for the president in their resignation letters. The first letters of each paragraph of the said letters spelled out “RESIST” and “IMPEACH,” respectively.
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