‘Star Wars’ Star Carrie Fisher Dies at 60

Princess Leia in Star Wars

Carrie Fisher, the actress who impersonated the fearless Princess Leia in Star Wars series, died Dec. 27 at age 60. Fisher had had a massive heart attack on Friday on a flight from London to Los Angeles. Her family said she never regained consciousness after the heart attack. Her son Billie Lourd confirmed her death Wednesday.

The approximate time of the death was 8:55 a.m. on Tuesday. Fisher was reportedly flying to LA to promote her memoir. Her mother, Debbie Reynolds, described her as amazing and thanked fans for prayers that would “guide her to the next stop”.

Fisher gained worldwide popularity for her part in the Star Wars series as a vocal intergalactic princess. She got the role at 19 but the Princess Leia status haunted her her entire life. She often complained that despite writing best-selling books, marrying a music legend, and having notable appearances in block-busters “Princess Leia will be on my tombstone.’’

In an interview, she joked George Lucas, Star Wars series creator, ruined her life. She criticized Lucas for asking her to wear a famous gold metal bikini which turned her into a sex symbol. She added that her first thought when she saw the outfit was that Lucas was kidding. Yet he wasn’t joking at all and he even asked her to sit straight to prevent creases on her sides from forming.

In November, she admitted that she had an affair with Harrison Ford while they were filming Star Wars in 1977. She wrote in a memoir that he was very hard to resist to.

He looked like he could lead the charge into battle, take the hill, win the duel, be leader of the gluten-free world, all without breaking a sweat,

she wrote in “The Princess Diarist.”

She met Ford once more in the series sequel trilogy: “The Force Awakens’’ and “Episode VIII.” However, despite her glamorous lifestyle, she was struggling with alcohol addiction and bipolar disorder. Because of the condition, she had to undergo regular electroconvulsive therapy, as she confessed to Oprah five years ago.

At age 26, she married her first husband Paul Simon, but the marriage didn’t last because he too struggled with depression. However, they continued to date each other for a decade. She once noted that instead of a flower and a gardener, she and Simon were two flowers, in the blazing sun, wilting. Later she acknowledged that she wasn’t as “cooperative” as a woman would normally be.

While looking back at her past romantic relationships, Fisher noted that men are not consorts as women may think. They’re kings. “That was my little discovery,” she said. The finding shook her long-held belief that men were after an “intellectual geisha.”

So what I did was I learned to cook, and I took a massage course. But that’s not all of it. You have to also agree,

she added.

She conceived her son, Billie, with Hollywood agent Bryan Lourd who ditched her after three years of marriage for a man.
Image Source: Flickr