Steve Schmidt Calls Out The ‘Toxic Miasma Of Constant Putrid Crap’ That The White House Is In Blistering Rant


Steve Schmidt, MSNBC political analyst and former senior campaign strategist for Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.), laid into White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, President Donald Trump, and White House aide Kelly Sadler, all of whom insulted McCain this week.

As we all know, McCain opposes confirming Gina Haspel as the new CIA Director because of her role in overseeing torture in 2002. Torture is illegal according to both national and international laws. And McCain, who suffered brutal torture as a Prisoner Of War during the Vietnam War, rightly fears that Haspel would restart a torture program if Trump ordered her to do so.

So, McCain issued a statement urging his Senate colleagues to vote against her. Of course, McCain’s voice on the matter carries significant weight, and Haspel could very well lose.

Trump and his team certainly think so, but Sadler remarked that McCain’s opinion:

“…Doesn’t matter because he’s dying anyway.”

The offensive remark instantly angered Democrats and Republicans alike, as well as the McCain family, veterans, and Americans nationwide.

Former Vice-President Joe Biden even weighed in with a powerful message in support of his longtime friend.

When grilled by the press during a briefing on Friday, Huckabee Sanders repeatedly dodged questions about it:

“I’m not going to comment on an internal staff meeting I’m not going to validate a leak one way or the other.”

However, she did confirm that Sadler still has her job despite what she said about the cancer-stricken McCain.

And that’s why Schmidt took Sanders, Trump, and Sadler to the woodshed during an appearance on MSNBC with Brian Williams. Schmidt began:

“They don’t say anything about John McCain. John McCain’s valor, his heroism, his perfect love of country. He is a giant figure in American history. He is a giant for the ages. He’s a living legend, a statesman, a soldier.”

After his beautiful defense of McCain, Schmidt threw the book at Sanders for willfully being complicit.

“The greatness of John McCain is not dispensed by this White House. What her comments show is the viciousness, the cruelty, the meanness, this culture of bullying, this toxic miasma of constant putrid crap that emerges out of this White House. She’s obviously a perfect fit for it, one more disgrace, one more member of a team that’s doing real damage, real sundering to this country, real staining of the national fabric.”

Schmidt then slammed Trump for his disgraceful attacks on McCain, saying:

“The judgment of Donald Trump matters not. Donald Trump, frankly, in my view is unworthy to say John McCain’s name out loud.”

Here’s the video.


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