Store Owner Accused Of Chasing Children From Store While Screaming Racial Slurs

Feature Image via San Francisco Chronicle

Another day, and another racist incident in a country that most Americans don’t recognize anymore. This time the incident happened at a small business, and the victims were children.

According to reports, the store owner didn’t simply make a phone call to have them arrested arbitrarily. Instead, he chased them out of the store while calling them a racial slur.


The latest incident took place at a gourmet popcorn shop in Emeryville, California, called Cornology. A group of young Black customers came into the store, and here’s where the owner’s story differs from that of every other person who witnessed the incident.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the CEO, Mark Stone, said he wasn’t even in the store at the time of the incident. That instead:

“…One of his employees shouted ‘n—’ while chasing a group of roughly 25 juveniles from the store who had taken popcorn, soda and change from a tip jar.”

Two witnesses at the scene beg to differ from his accounting, however. They said that the “worker” who kicked those kids out of the store demanded that the roughly 10 juveniles leave the shop only moments after they entered.

One of the witnesses, Fay Eastman, posted a photo of the “worker” on Facebook. The man in the image bears a remarkable likeness to Stone himself. Additionally, a city official who also witnessed the scene said Stone was the only worker in the store that day and positively identified that it was the same man.


Both Eastman and another witness, Aisha Weber, saw the whole thing unfold in its entirety. They said that the “worker” acted aggressively as soon as those children came through the door. Weber said:

“He said, ‘Get out of here n*****s,’ and he was throwing his hands in the air. That came from his heart. That came from him. He didn’t want those kids in the store from the beginning.”

Eastman garnered attention for the incident by posting about it on Facebook. As of the writing of this piece the post has been shared more than 6,000 times and has more than 1,100 comments.

DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT shop here! This business owner just chased a group of young black kids out of Cornology yelling,…

Posted by Fay Eastman-Adams on Sunday, April 22, 2018


This latest incident comes only a short time after the recent debacle at Starbucks. Two Black men were handcuffed and arrested because the manager called police when they didn’t place an order right away.

Starbucks, however, is trying to do the right thing. The CEO is closing 8,000 stores on May 29 to facilitate racial bias training for all employees.

So what about Cornology?

Stone said:

“Regretfully, you can’t take back something that was in the heat of the moment. We’re very sorry that was the result of what happened. Unfortunately, some employees were sick over the weekend, so there was only one person in the store. It startled him. He regrets it terribly. It’s not who he is or who we are.”

Stone said he hopes that the community “understands.”

“We’re hoping [that] the community, while maybe not to forgive us, but to have a little more understanding of the situation,” he said.

At this point, here’s hoping the community understands the effectiveness of a good boycott. As it stands, the incident is under investigation by police.

Feature Image From Google Maps Via San Francisco Chronicle.



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